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Defending clients against Weapons charges throughout the Metro Detroit area including Detroit, Southfield, Pontiac, Warren, Eastpointe, Troy, Birnmingham, Bloomfield and Royal Oak.

As the second amendment to the United States Constitution says, all United States citizens have the right to bear arms. This freedom is given to us so that we may use weapons in times of need for protection but should not be abused. The law limits the freedom on the right to bear arms in order to make sure others are safe, therefore, the laws regarding weapons used in illegal manner have serious consequences. Michigan law has set strict boundaries and limitations on weapons usage so that other citizens do not have to live in fear and can feel safe. If you are found to be charged with a possession or use of a deadly weapon, we understand how harsh the charges can be and we are ready to represent you.

Types of Weapons Charges
*Felony Firearm
Under Michigan Law a felony firearm conviction carries a mandatory two year prison sentence for a first offender. A second offense carries a five year mandatory prison sentence.

Weapon charges alone are already complicated, however, when a weapon charge crime involves other crimes such as assault, attempted murder, murder, domestic violence, and drug crimes the severity of the consequences escalates tenfold. If you find yourself in this situation, there is no question that your need for a criminal lawyer is a must. Like all criminal charges, the consequences can take you to the state, federal or juvenile court. Based on what you are charged for, the penalties will range from incarceration to harsh fines to a permanent mark on your criminal record.  Our job as your legal representative is to reduce your penalties to the lowest and least severe. Our seasoned attorneys covered all areas of weapon charges including:
  • Carrying a concealed Weapon
  • Illegal Possession of a Firearm
  • Illegal sale or distribution of a weapon
  • Possession of a weapon during a crime

Weapons Charges Lawyer

It is crucial you reach out to a criminal defense attorney if you have been accused of a weapon related offense. No matter how minor or serious you think the charge is, it is safer to find a competent lawyer who knows the in and outs of the legal system than to handle it on your own. Our attorneys offer their expertise to alleviate the emotional and financial hardship you and your family may be going through. Don't wait any longer for our attorneys to defend your freedom.

Our law firm has the techniques and strategies to challenge the court in order to gain favorable results:

Our strategies may include:
  • Challenging the way evidence was collected
  • Illegal collection of evidence could make it unusable in court
  • Presenting an alternate theory on how the weapon was used (self defense or an accident)
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